Absent Congress Aerial Lifts

With the way things are going lately, our company’s success is due to people just like you that made it possible for businesses to thrive in this day and age. Even during the rough times, construction is always needed to help repair and build buildings and roads. It is a lifelong career that never ends. The Capitol Building needed some immediate repairs and it has been going on for many years up until just today. At 7AM, that building that we all know will get some major repairs. Since it’s a monument to our great city, we are thankful for it. Since the Capitol Building is such a large structure, various aerial lifts needed to be utilized for the repairs. Aerial Lift Pros, the Nation's leader in aerial lift equipment sales and rentals supplied 12 scissor lifts and 15 boom lifts for the project.

With big malls and things within reach, more people are coming to our town instead of living further away to do some shopping or whatever they needed to do that is close by. It’s much cheaper and people tend to like it here. I’ve been living here for 20 years and love it. I moved here from Hawaii and at first, was somewhat scared. After getting to know our community of folks that contributed so much to our city, I wanted to say “thank you” for everything. And in return, the Capitol Building is getting repaired by the work you’ve been doing lately. It has been so long of a process and we finally made it happen. Once it is done, more spaces will be reserved for more businesses to help improve and generate more income into our city.

We also have some aerial lift rentals that are responsible for creating more buildings. As more people are moving here, it is important to realize that the jobs you are doing help contribute to improve our living situations with what you built. From our company to you, we wanted to say how proud we are and hope you will use our business for all your building needs.